Getting started as an Amazon Seller?

The trek for first-timers can be a costly one.

Particularly because often you don’t know what you don’t know.

These are just a few of the areas that can trip up even the most experienced sellers:

product manufacturing

regulatory & safety requirements

customs setup

Why choose us.

That’s why it pays for you to work with us at Cascadia Seller Solutions. We are the only Amazon Marketplace Seller consulting group with over 80 years of insider experience as former Amazon employees.

We work with integrity, honesty, and patience – there are no shortcuts to a solid, long-term business strategy!

We’re here for the whole selling journey.

From idea to launch, we’ve got a service just for you!


product idea

Get valuable feedback about the risks and concerns of your product idea.



Make sure your product is truly compliant for sale in your target market.



Get your product listed and found on Amazon.

Need all of these? Check out our all-encompassing Coaching Packages.

You are ultimately responsible for the compliance and quality of all products where you are the seller of record, whether it’s your own brand or others’.

Benchmark your Product Idea by Cascadia Seller Solutions

Benchmark Your Product Idea

So you’ve come up with a great idea for a product to sell on Amazon. Congratulations! That’s a great first step. But now, you need to be able to answer the following questions:

  • Do you know what type of manufacturing materials will bring in the most revenue?
  • Do you know what kind of testing or safety requirements will be needed?
  • Do you know what the duty rate will be for your product?

If not, our benchmarking process can help.

How this works:

  1. Our team analyzes the estimated revenue for top keyword niches for your chosen product.
  2. We review the regulatory and safety landscape, and determine your product’s Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) classification.
  3. We also make recommendations for quality testing and feature specifications based on customer feedback.

What you get.

Once our analysis is complete, you will receive a document listing the issues and concerns we have with the product and a 30 minute consultation call with one of our team members.

While we can’t guarantee the success of your product, you will get our honest and actionable feedback.

Ready to take the first step to selling on Amazon?

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Amazon Product Compliance Consultation by Cascadia Seller Solutions

Product Compliance Consultation

Knowing the safety and regulatory landscape is one thing.

Making sure your product is truly compliant for sale in your target market is another.

If you have any safety concerns, or are unclear how to ensure an overseas factory delivers a high quality product, schedule a Product Compliance Consultation with us today!

Simple Product Detail Page by Cascadia Seller Solutions

Simple Product Detail Page

Want to make sure people find your product on Amazon?

We provide a clearly worded listing for your product with recommended keywords of between 2000-5000 characters, based on the product specifications and similar listings you provide as inspiration.

Your listing will be compliant with Amazon Terms of Service — including references to competitor brands and unauthorized claims (such as function and structure claims) that can get your listing suspended.

Ready to reach more customers?

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Coaching Packages

Want personal help through your Amazon selling journey? Avoid the “school of hard knocks” and protect your investment with 1:1 coaching and support from former Amazonians who built AmazonBasics and other Amazon Brands.

new product launch coaching by Cascadia Seller Solutions
new product launch coaching
Sales and Marketing Coaching by Cascadia Seller Solutions
sales + marketing coaching
new product launch coaching by Cascadia Seller Solutions

New Product Launch Coaching

Ready to launch your own brand, but not sure how to get started? You’re in the right place if you fit one of these two descriptions:

  1. You have established relationships with suppliers, but aren’t sure if you’re doing everything correctly and want to have your processes and procedures audited.
  2. You’re starting from scratch and want to make sure that you’re launching products the compliant way with low defects.

As our client, you receive support and coaching on how to develop products from the ground up.

How we help you.

We research customer sentiment on the products, create listings, provide photography guidance, create feedback request templates, and provide coaching on enhanced marketing content and sponsored ads. Our approach is to help drive traffic organically and increase conversion through excellent content.

Who we are.

You work with a consultant who used to launch private label products for Amazon, and who has deep industry experience in their particular field. We serve as a part of your team for the duration of the project.

Our New Product Launch Coaching Package includes:

  • Benchmarking research and project kickoff
  • Sourcing
  • Product Compliance (testing for regulatory, safety, and quality concerns)
  • Product Packaging and Logistics (e-commerce ready)
  • Marketing and Customer Experience Launch

You get access to our coaching videos, written guidance, customized project templates, and seller guides. You also get a joint project management tool to keep you on track, with real-time access to your consultants and coach as you work on your launch.

Your investment.

The total cost is $3500-5000 for coaching, not including initial client set-up costs and of course the cost of the product, laboratory testing and inspections, designer time, photography, etc.

For this rate, you receive expert guidance on benchmarking, sourcing, testing, packaging, design, shipping/logistics, and listing optimization.

You can also choose to hire a project manager at an additional cost if you’ve never launched a product before, or if you have limited time to manage the project. You may also choose a monthly plan to better manage your cashflow, or if you have more than one product to launch at a time.

Testimonial for Cascadia Seller Solutions

My biggest concern was that costs would come up that I was not expecting. Instead, I was provided with estimates ahead of time and all the costs were exactly what was laid out by Cascadia. My favorite part is being involved in every step of the development process – creating my brand and selecting my products.

kent d.
coaching student

Ready to work with us?

The goal of our consultants in the US and China is to help you learn to run your business better. Getting you to work ON your business, not IN it is our ultimate reward.

Sales and Marketing Coaching by Cascadia Seller Solutions

Sales & Marketing Coaching

Heard a lot about Amazon, but not sure if you’re ready to move forward? You’re in the right place if you fit one of these two descriptions:

  1. Your company has been successful in other venues, but you haven’t managed to crack the Amazon code for success
  2. You’re a seller who has been building exclusive relationships with manufacturers, and you need to convince them that you have the skills and experience to represent them well on Amazon.

As our client, you receive support and coaching on how to setup your Amazon account safely, within Terms of Service.

We’ll help you:

  • Create your listings
  • Build solid ad campaigns
  • Learn how to respond to complaints from customers
  • Build a coherent brand online
  • Integrate with your website, mailing list, or other internet marketing tools

We also love working on great images, and help you with your photography by providing detailed feedback or by handling the photography for your products ourselves.

We find that the areas that clients love working with us most on are:

  • Solving shipping plan problems and confusion
  • Understanding how to use the bulk Amazon flat file upload tool
  • Understanding the various types of customer feedback and how to respond effectively to them
  • Learning how to use Amazon’s brand tools such as EBC or Brand Registry
  • Evaluating product packaging to handle the rigors of Amazon’s warehouses.

Your investment.

The total cost is $5000 for six months of coaching, not including initial client set-up costs and of course the cost of the product, laboratory testing and inspections, designer time, photography, etc.

Ready to work with us?

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