Amazon suspended me!

The “S” word.

Your worst nightmare as an Amazon seller has happened. You’ve received that dreaded notification from Amazon saying one of your products, or your entire account, has been suspended.

What you need to do.

In order to get reinstated, you need to show Amazon a complete plan that will work, and that you can implement.

BUT… they won’t give you any feedback on what you need to do. They only approve/disapprove what you’ve already done.

Experienced and ready to help.

At Cascadia Seller Solutions, we know Amazon expects “immediate and aggressive” action to resolve the issues you face. How do we know? Because we’re former Amazon employees, having spent 80 cumulative years in such areas as Compliance, Customer Service, Product Development, and Seller Support.

We write the content to help Amazon understand your point of view, and we are tenacious in getting eyes on your appeal. Our team may not always be successful, but we exhaust all options every time, even when success isn’t guaranteed.

Our specialty.

Cascadia specializes in difficult product quality ASIN suspension issues:
  • Inauthentic
  • Used sold as new
  • Safety incidents
  • And more!
Our Amazon experience enables us to understand how to help you fix the root cause and prevent future listing suspensions.

Testimonial for Cascadia Seller Solutions

My biggest concern before hiring Cascadia for reinstatement work was whether or not the value would be there and it definitely was! Kelly was available to answer my questions quickly and was knowledgeable and caring throughout the process, offering clarity on next steps. For anybody considering using their services, I would say, “HIRE THEM!” They have the experience from working at Amazon and they basically write the email responses for you.

s. roney
chief sales executive, roney innovations

How we work:

step 1

Decide you want to work with us (great choice!). Then purchase your reinstatement service below.

step 2

You will receive an acknowledgement of your case within 4 business hours of sign-up, Monday through Friday, 9am-6pm PT. We will advise on next steps to get moving in the right direction, and keep you updated with our findings as the path forward becomes more clear.

step 3

We sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement, and then deep dive your account, so you’re fully aware of what’s going on before taking action. Our comprehensive, proprietary Salmon Review has over 12 metrics, including these core indicators:

  • Performance Notifications
  • A-Z Claims
  • Negative Feedback

  • Returns
  • Imperfect Orders
  • Customer Dissatisfaction

step 4

We then provide you with our honest assessment regarding your reinstatement options and use our research to create a corrective draft Plan of Action for Amazon.

No matter how tough your case may seem, we always give our best efforts.

Testimonial for Cascadia Seller Solutions

When my Seller account was suspended, I was worried that I would be spending a lot of money for something that would not really help. Instead, Emily and the team at Cascadia delivered and got me back to making money on Amazon again! There is a real benefit to hiring expert help when you’re in crisis and Cascadia is definitely that. I even hired them afterward on a monthly basis to keep my account healthy; they are worth every cent and I am happy to pay them.

urich g.

Our proud track record.

We’ve handled product safety investigation takedowns for lead in children’s products, a food safety takedown of an entire brand, restricted product claims and ingredient reviews for supplements, fine jewelry applications and suspension reviews, and regulatory compliance investigations in the EU.

Since many of our team members came from Amazon Compliance, where non-standard seller suspensions tend to originate, we are best positioned to help you solve these issues. Our current reinstatement rate is 85.3%. We don’t artificially inflate our rates to make ourselves look better, and we regularly take on difficult cases. You will always receive our honest assessment, every step of the way.

Listing Reinstatement Pricing

Choose which type of Listing Reinstatement you need.

reseller listing


private label listing


"safety incident" listing


Account Reinstatement Pricing

Choose how quickly you need your Amazon account back.

STANDARD account reinstatement


1-5+ day turnaround

EXPEDITED account reinstatment


24-hour turnaround

Testimonial for Cascadia Seller Solutions

For the first time in our three-year selling career, we had a product suspended. We noticed Amazon cracking down on sellers and also noticed the black hat competitors were getting more creative with their attacks. When you have one chance to clear up your account, you have to make sure it’s right. If you don’t do a good job, you can be banned from selling that SKU. That was terrifying. We heard back from the Performance team within a few hours of submitting the proposal and were back selling. A huge relief!

tyler davis
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